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Our information designs are powered by Max’s expertise in schematic map design and Sietske’s skills to untangle and explain complex issues.
Picture Max Roberts

Dr Maxwell Roberts - Psychologist/Information Designer
Proprietor Tube Map Central

Max completed a BSc (1988) and PhD (1991) in psychology at the University of Nottingham, joining the University of Essex as a lecturer in 1993. His research interests included problem solving, reasoning and intelligence, but with a life-long interest in design and maps, his focus is now on information visualisation, usability and schematic maps.

Max creates challenging designs and investigates their usability and aesthetics. He has authored four books on maps: his self-published work, Underground Maps Unravelled (2012), has sold over 1500 copies. Research has been published in Transportation Research, the Information Design Journal and the International Journal of Human Computer Studies. Designs have been exhibited in Germany, Austria, the USA, and the UK. In 2018 Max’s Chicago El map was awarded a place in the 4th Edition Atlas of Design. He was nominated for the Design Observer 50 Books 50 Covers Competition in 2013. His recent book on airline mapping, co-authored with Mark Ovenden, published by Penguin, was shortlisted for the Edward Stanford Travel Writing Awards.

Sietske de Groot - Regulatory Affairs Consultant
Director and Founder of TradePeers Ltd

Picture Sietske de Groot Sietske is a well-known and recognised regulation expert. Her clients have included businesses in the defence, nuclear energy, financial, research, and food and drink sectors. Before setting up her own consultancy, TradePeers Ltd, she represented the Federation of Small Businesses at EU level. She lobbied on General Data Protection Regulation, Geoblocking rules, and VAT on e-services. Sietske has also worked as a Brussels lobbyist on aviation issues, and filled policy roles in the Netherlands and the UK. She has worked on regulation and trade issues throughout her career, and can anticipate what reasonably can and cannot be expected from the negotiations between the UK and the EU, and how specific rules may change.

Sietske has been training businesses to prepare for Brexit since 2018 and she was looking for engaging, visual ways to explain the complexities of Brexit for time-strapped managers. She came across Max, who wanted to experiment with applying information design principles in other ways than transport network schematic maps and signage. Brexit Mapping was the start of a journey and a learning curve in visualising complex issues and policy concepts.

Sietske holds a double Masters degree in Political Science and French Linguistics from the two universities in Amsterdam. She has lived in The Netherlands, France, Belgium and the UK, and worked with several partners in other countries, including the USA.


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