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NI Trade Map Map of Lockdown Economics
A picture is said to be worth 1,000 words, but this one
is worth 24,000: the number in the Ireland/Northern
Ireland Protocol. We have interpreted this graphically,
showing how the trade flows of the British Isles will be
governed by the rules that will apply post-transition.
Click the thumbnail to see the before-after comparison.
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Economic concepts are abstract and it can be difficult
to see the whole picture when a world-wide event is
shaking up personal lives. This is how we visualised
the economic fall-out of the Corona-crisis. The map
contains contingent lines to indicate causality and
non-contingent lines whose issues are unsequenced.
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Brexit Map of North West England Recordering fingering pictured as tubemap
In May 2018 we created twelve regional Brexit tube
to facilitate discussion with businesses preparing
for Brexit. The lines represent major sectors while the
stations show the most important issues that they face.
The zones, e.g. the EU Rules Zone, show their context.
These maps have attracted international attention and been exhibited at various events.
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Information design need not focus on economic
or political issues. This map shows whether finger
holes on a recorder should be covered or left open
to play each of the notes. The result is colourful and
artistic, revealing an underlying structure to how the
instrument functions. It featured on the cover of the
Fall 2019 magazine of the American Recorder Society.
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