Underground Maps Unravelled

Explorations in Information Design

Since revolutionising map design in 1933, Henry Beck’s iconic London Underground map has set the standard for the mapping of transport networks worldwide, replacing chaotic, twisting routes with straight lines, horizontal, vertical or diagonals at 45 degrees only. This exhibition explores the success of the Beck map and the rules that it adopted, and asks whether today’s networks demand fresh approaches.

Roberts presents a collection of his own work: maps that break all the rules; maps that are easier to use; maps that teach us about good design; maps that challenge our preconceptions; and maps that are purely decorative. Whether you are a graphic designer, transport professional, or just a frustrated commuter or tourist, maps will never seem the same again.

... a really extraordinary exhibition ...
... inspired and mesmerising on several levels ...
... as works of art, they’re ingenious ...
... I loved it ...

Martin Newell, East Anglian Daily Times, 11/09/10

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Photographs by Peter Rodgers

Photographs by Liz Newton

Photographs by Dan Chivers

Photographs by Bruce Campbell

Photographs by Peter Rodgers (left) and Peter Eades (right)

Photograph by Paul Monckton

Photographs by Roger Deeble