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A series of posters with a special Netherlands interest

Amsterdam Circles

Amsterdam Circles Thumbnail I have a firm belief that every city has its own distinctive shape and this should be reflected in the design of its transit maps. With its distinctive canal structure radiating out from the city centre, Amsterdam is an excellent candidate for a map based upon concentric circles and spokes (technically, concentric U-s) mirroring the actual shape of the city and giving a uniquely coherent overview of how the various modes of rail transport relate to the city and to each other.

Available sizes (all in cm, approx)
  • Small (A2 eqivalent): 51 cm wide, 43 cm tall
  • Medium (A1 equivalent): 72 cm wide, 61 cm tall
  • Large (A0 equivalent): 108 cm wide, 91 cm tall
  • Extra Large: 132 cm wide, 112 cm tall

Rotterdam De Stijl

Rotterdam De Stijl Thumbnail The purpose of a transit map is to help someone navigate from A to B but the very best designs are not just easy to use, they can be aesthetic masterpieces and mesmerising works of art in their own right. Once the primary role of a map as a navigational tool is put to one side anything is possible and I have created many decorative maps over the years celebrating artistic and design genres. My Mondrian-inspired work is set in Rotterdam where there are several buildings linked to the De Stijl movement, showing its extensive metro network.

Available sizes (all in cm, approx)
  • Small (A2 eqivalent): 62 cm wide, 43 cm tall
  • Medium (A1 equivalent): 88 cm wide, 61 cm tall
  • Large (A0 equivalent): 132 cm wide, 91 cm tall
  • Extra Large: 162 cm wide, 112 cm tall

By Train and Ship

Rail Sail Thumbnail This design celebrates the historic ferry route from Harwich to Hoek van Holland, linking Rotterdam to the Essex countryside London and the UK. Stylistically it is influenced by the British
Arts & Crafts movement and the Amsterdam School, and its border features Dutch tulips and the English Tudor rose.

Available sizes (all in cm, approx)
  • Small (A2 eqivalent): 53 cm wide, 43 cm tall
  • Medium (A1 equivalent): 75 cm wide, 61 cm tall
  • Large (A0 equivalent): 112 cm wide, 91 cm tall
  • Extra Large: 137 cm wide, 112 cm tall

Dutch Coalition Politics

Dutch Coalition Thumbnail A different kind of map, this one showing, tube-map style, the positions on various issues of the various political parties that formed a coalition as a result of Election 2021 (as identified by StemWijzer). See at a glance the major points of agreement and disagreement and track whichever versions of these policies get to be implemented.

Available sizes (all in cm, approx)
  • Small (A2 eqivalent): 43 cm wide, 62 cm tall
  • Medium (A1 equivalent): 61 cm wide, 88 cm tall
  • Large (A0 equivalent): 91 cm wide, 132 cm tall
  • Extra Large: 112 cm wide, 162 cm tall

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My other works of map art

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