This page is a catalogue of my written work on map design. This includes academic works, books, and also less formal works such as technical reports, web articles and other documents that make useful points.

Academic Works

These include papers published in refereed journals, book chapters, conference papers, and preprints intended for publication. The academic publishing dinosaurs are still clinging to an obsolete model of dissemination, grabbing copyright of scientific work and charging extortionate fees for access to it. However, as for all things, where there is a will there is a way, and if you are having trouble obtaining any of my work, feel free to email me for suggestions on how to obtain it.

Papers in red are submitted manuscripts which are subject to change. They should not be cited without checking with me first. Papers in blue are accepted manuscripts which are ready for publication. There may be minor proofing corrections, and full citation information (volume number, page numbers) will be added as soon as known. Papers in black are final versions and are not subject to change, but if a paper is a pre-print then you should seek out the final published version for the official document of record. If you are having difficulties obtaining a final published version of any manuscript (e.g. to cite the correct page numbers for quotes) email me for suggestions.


So far, I have written two books on schematic map design, but more are on the way. Watch this space for more details.
Informal Works

These include technical reports, web articles, and other documents which have something useful to say or provide a useful summary of arguments given in more detail in other works. If any of these are superseded by other documents they will be removed from this listing, but will continue to be hosted on this website, and so they are safe to link to.