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Welcome to my web pages about the history, design and usability of schematic transport maps. Worldwide, these are created to make people’s journey planning easier, but all-too-often design flaws make them unnecessarily difficult to use, London included. I am a psychologist who has researched into human intelligence and inference for over 20 years (my credentials) but my interests are now primarily concerned with schematic mapping (and wayfinding information in general). I design maps, conduct usability studies to test them, and have exhibited my work internationally. I have implemented research on behalf of FWT and Transport for London and can offer a range of design services and evidence-based evaluation methodologies in order to ensure the adoption of a usable, accessible, distinctive map with immediate widespread user-acceptance. Individual commissions are also accepted.

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Still available: the definitive guide to the science and art of transit map design

Underground Maps Unravelled, Explorations in Information Design

Concentric Circles Maps

Going Underground blog by Annie Mole
Londonist by Matt Brown
Gothamist by Jen Chung

... and many more ...

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NOTE: I am not affiliated with Transport for London nor any of its subsidiary companies. If you require information on travel in London, or the latest versions of official maps, you should click here. Many of the images included on these pages are copyright Transport for London (official Underground maps reproduced here for illustrative educational purposes) or myself (experimental designs and original maps designed to demonstrate usability issues).